Message of the Chairman

Over the past few years, Dahabshiil Group Holdings, together with our partners and agents, has succeeded in building a modern regional bank, East Africa Bank (EAB), to provide a wide range of financial services to our customers in the Horn of Africa. Within a short period, EAB has demonstrated strong capabilities in serving an increasingly demanding customer base consisting of individuals, businesses and international organizations operating in the region. Islamic finance has grown dramatically in our regional and around the world in the last decade. As a fully Sharia-compliant institution, EAB is proud to be part of this global phenomenon.

Backed by the strength of the Dahabshiil Group, we thrive on our tradition of professionalism, strong understanding of the regional market, and proven track record of helping our clients achieve business growth and profitability. This has been a period of milestones for the bank – rebranding, introduction of new technologies, attracting major corporate financing, expanded support to SMEs, and playing a key role in the development process.

At EAB, we have assembled a world-class team of banking and financial professionals that operates at the highest ethical standards of international banking practice. Our role as a bank goes beyond commercial banking transactions. We offer advisory services such as project structuring and financial planning. The management team is supervised by an experienced Board of Directors and guided by a reputable Advisory Board.

We are now embarking on the next generation of banking in the region, providing quality service and innovative products. We recognize our customers’ business requirements are becoming increasingly complex and the range of options available are constantly widening. EAB places a great emphasis on effectively identifying and analyzing the specific aspects of every case by offering a bespoke solution around customers’ individual needs.

On behalf of our professional and dedicated employees, EAB is grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers in a manner that contributes effectively to their personal and corporate goals. We are proud of our contribution to the growth of the banking and financial sector in our region and look forward to providing innovative and dynamic services to our customer.

Mohamed Seid Diale