Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

Mr. Mohamed Joined the bank in June 2014 as Compliance and Credit risk Manager. Two years later, he rose to position of Chief Risk Officer in charge of the Bank Credit Risk and Compliance department.
Prior to joining the bank Kamil worked at the Central Bank of Djibouti in the Department of Banking Supervision and Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism financing since 2012. During this period Kamil was in charge of supervising the Islamic banks portfolio especially approval, derogation, monitoring financial and prudential statements, ensuring compliance with Money Laundering and supervision of Money Service Business as well.
Further, while at the Central Bank, he attended training sessions on compliance risk and banking supervision organized by the Banque de France, IMF, the World Bank, UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), RTI (Research and Training Institute), ACAMS.
Mr. Mohamed is a Djiboutian nationality. He holds a Degree from Sup’ Management Group and double Masters in Audit & Management Control from Diploma de l’Ecole Superieure de management de commerce de commerce et d’Informatique,Fes, Morocco coupled with Master degree in Islamic Finance from Universete de Strasbourg, France.